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Studio Art

Acrylic | Watercolor | Drawing | Oil Paint


Each week will include portfolio art projects like acrylic and watercolor canvas, pottery painting, making mosaics, sculpting with found objects, paper crafting, glass, plaster painting projects and more.

In addition to those projects each week has a theme that will include art history of artists to let your child expand their imagination and learn creative new artistic skills!
The purpose of the program is to build an art portfolio to showcase their style. We are only accepting 10 students for each age group class for this summer art program to allow for quality instruction and individual attention. 

Helping your young artist develop their skills and nurture a lifelong enjoyment and appreciation for art!
The program will start on June 12th – August 4th for 8 weeks, in total of 16 classes and the student art showcase will be on August 8th, 2023. There will be two separate classes, age group 4-7 and 8-15 years old. 
10 spots available for each class.


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