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About DJ

It all started with a drawing of Mickey Mouse..​

At the age of 6, Djerlens Chery (DJ), discovered that he could draw. His first drawing was of Walt Disney’s, Mickey Mouse. 

Although he was good at art, Djerlens wanted to become a basketball player. Drawing was just a hobby for when he was bored.

Although his dream was to be the next Michael Jordan, DJ’s dad knew what was good for him and went behind DJ’s back and signed him up for art class in 6th grade. He quickly realized that art was his passion.

Djerlens attended Dillard High School in Fort Lauderdale where he continued his art education. He went on to attend the Visual Arts & Design Academy at Broward College where he studied Art Education.

His art has been displayed at the Bonnet House Museum & Gardens Orchid Festival, Young at Art Museum, Made in Broward, Joseph C. Carter Park, Parker Playhouse, K.C. Wright Art Show, FatVillage Artwalks, and has painted several murals in the City of Fort Lauderdale.

Djerlens is an art instructor for the Parks & Recreation Department of the City of Fort Lauderdale where he teaches young children, teens, and seniors.

Nowadays, Djerlens seeks out historical, environmental or cultural phenomena that have the potential to create unique identifiers for the community.

The intent is to look for connections that will create a unique sense of place.



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